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Quake II Servers

Hostname Info IP Address Game Map Players
us Dark Fiber LITHIUM | Chicago AntiCheat Enabled lithium q2dm8 0 / 32
de *Chefs Lithium-QII-Serva* lithium dlite 0 / 15
us Smack's Barbecue lithium strike 0 / 16
pl !RAIL-ON! lithium marics_insta5 0 / 7
us tastyspleen::Lithium II AntiCheat Enabled lithium jail1 1 / 16
us tastyspleen::Lithium II CTF AntiCheat Enabled lithium q2ctf3 1 / 16
us #strafejumpdie Lithium lithium mintro 0 / 32
uk Pertho OpenBSD Quake 2 Lithium lithium UD 0 / 16
us NullNotZero Lithium II AntiCheat Enabled lithium ware2 0 / 16
us [Lithium][Rail][DM] Residential IP lithium 007_facility 0 / 32
us {SmF} Lithium II Expanded Maps DeathMatch Headquarters Residential IP lithium q2rdm6 0 / 16
us {SmF} Lithium II Q2DM DeathMatch Headquarters Residential IP lithium q2dm1 0 / 16
dk GreatManyThings Lithium Residential IP lithium bunk1 0 / 32
de ConCarne's Hot-Chilli Q2 Railonly lithium station 0 / 10
at spx| LithiumII lithium q2dm1 0 / 20

Found 2 players on 15 servers.

quake2:// links not working? Grab Quake2HandlerSetup to set them up. Also try Quake II Server Browser, a small and fast server browser for Windows that uses the server list. (screenshot)

Password Required Password Required
Residential IP Residential IP (may have higher ping)
AntiCheat Enabled Anticheat Enabled

To list your server here, run a recent version of the R1Q2 dedicated server. To list non-R1Q2 servers, add setmaster to your config. If you want to fetch the raw server list for a particular game, append &raw=1 (text output) or &raw=2 (binary output) to the URL.